Green Biomass Energy

Globally, interest in using biomass for energy and chemicals production is tremendously increasing. This trend is driven by interest in reducing dependency on foreign oil, stimulating local economies and creating jobs, and environmental benefits like greenhouse gas reduction. Biomass is seen as a very promising option for fulfilling the environmental goals defined by the European Commission as well as various national governments.

Energy crisis, global warming, and climatic changes call for technological and commercial advances in manufacturing high-quality eco-friendly fuels. Energy crops constitute significant potential for meeting the future energy need worldwide cause they are quite an economical and environmentally beneficial way of sustainable energy production.  Thus, these crops are used in energy farming – a new type of agriculture.

Eco-friendly perennial grass Miscanthus Giganteus or Giant Miscanthus has a high photosynthetic yield and a high rate of CO2 capture, and can contribute significantly to cover the world energy demand. The concentration of energy in this C4 plant is high, compared to other forms of biomass, on a dry matter basis this clean burning fuel can produce up to 16 mm BTU/ton. Giant Miscanthus can also be used for a range of non-energy end uses, all of which can contribute to carbon sequestration to help mitigate climate change. Due to its high cellulosic content Miscanthus Giganteus  is ideal non woody source for fiber, paper and bio-composites productions and it takes 1 year to realize carbon neutral, while wood requires more than 20 years.

We distribute Miscanthus Giganteus elite planting material in the form of rhizomes F1 and F2 (1st and 2nd generation) propagated from our nursery plantations of “in vitro” seedlings class M0 in Croatia and Ukraine, which allow us to supply an efficient “mother crop” propagation system for fast and cost-effective Miscanthus Giganteus commercial plantations set up.

We implement sustainable technologies and provide turnkey biomass supply solutions to biomass utilization projects as far, as a range of comprehensive services: from energy crops plantation establishment to vertically integrated clean-tech biomass utilization.